Aetna Springs

Aetna SpringsGetting a vehicle from Aetna Springs to another state can be done by simply driving it there. However, this not only adds on more mileage, but it causes normal road damage. When you sell a vehicle to someone, they anticipate that it will have the same mileage and be in the same condition as stated during the time of the purchase. This is just one example of when someone might need to take advantage of auto transport services.


Luckily, there are many wonderful auto transport companies in the Bay Area. They can help you transport anything from a commercial vehicle to a motorcycle. While many tend to believe that auto transports cost more than physically driving the vehicle across the states to its new home, this isn’t necessarily true. Not only will you need to pay for fuel, but maintenance. Hotels, food and other expenses are usually part of the costs as well. Not to mention, if the vehicle gets harmed you will have to make sure the damage is repaired too.


Types of Auto Transport


There are two main forms of auto shipping. These include enclosed and open air shipping methods. Typically, car collectors use the enclosed shipping methods to further protect their vintage and collectible vehicles. However, open air transport remains the most favorable. It also happens to be the cheapest. Many dealerships use this method to ship multiple vehicles at a time.


Not only will you need to decide between open air shipping and enclosed transport, but there are other services you can take advantage of. If you are in a hurry to get the vehicle shipped off, most auto transport companies will offer expedited and guaranteed services. There are also services such as door to door shipping and terminal to terminal. Terminal to terminal is cheaper, but it requires the vehicle to be dropped off and picked up. Door to door services mean that the company comes to you for the vehicle and drops it off at another specified address.