Having an auto transported from one state to the next can be tricky if you wish to not add anymore miles to the vehicle or to cause it any harm on the road. That is why the Bay Area has many auto transport companies willing to serve you with their abundance of transporting services. To find an auto transport company in or near Belvedere, all you have to do is a little online research to find a company you can trust to take care of your vehicle as they relocate it.

An auto transport company’s objective is to get your vehicle or vehicles from one destination to the next safely. They do their best to get the job done as quickly as possible, especially if you purchase guaranteed or expedited services. One of the best features of a reliable auto transport company is that they offer insurance. Since your insurance on the vehicle won’t cover any damages during the transporting process, the company offers their own coverage.


Filing a Claim for Damages

If your vehicle happens to suffer from any damages during the relocation process, you will want to file a claim with the company’s insurance. This can be done by talking with the driver who conducted the transport. They will fill out a report and have you sign it. After that, contact the insurance company and file your claim.

In order to know whether or not damages occurred to the vehicle during the relocation process, it is best that you create a list of everything prior to the automobile’s transport. Write down any dents, scratches, chips r anything else that the car might already suffer from. Take pictures as well. This will only help you notice any further damages that might have happened during transport. Luckily, most auto transport companies are trained and use the safest equipment, so damages are much less likely to occur.