Transporting an automobile from one location to the next without having to rack up the mileage or causing it any possible harm is best done with the help of a reputable auto transport company from Calistoga. In fact, Bay Area Auto Transport offers an array of services to better suit your needs and they have a cost effective method of transport, open air shipping.


Services to Take Advantage Of


• Open air shipping
• Door to door
• Terminal to terminal
• Expedited shipping
• Guaranteed delivery
• Insurance coverage

Depending on how much time you are working with, you may want to consider guaranteed delivery or expedited services for your auto’s transport. This will only assure that it gets there even faster and puts your vehicle as high priority. These extra services aren’t too costly and worth it if you’re working with a time crunch.


Preparing Your Vehicle for Its Journey

Preparing your vehicle for transport is quite simple. Nonetheless, it must be prepped correctly in order for it to be accepted by the driver for transport. Start by cleaning the entire vehicle out completely. Leave only the floor mats and other factory features behind. That means to remove any GPS systems, DVD players, or other objects that did not come with the vehicle originally.

Only leave a quarter tank of fuel or less in the gas tank. Too much gas adds weight to the vehicle. The more weight to the automobile, the harder it will be for the transport company to have it relocated. Less weight is always best.

Write down any visible damages to the vehicle. This could be scratches, dents and other visible markings. Even take pictures of the damage already done to the vehicle. This will help you determine whether or not any damages occurred during the transport. If you find any other damages, inform the driver who will then fill out a report for you to sign. This means you can then go on to file a claim through the transport company’s insurance.
Disable your vehicle’s alarm and other safety features for transport. Make sure you give your keys to the driver and that you have the Bill of Lading. Collect any contact information you might need so that you can get a hold of the driver if necessary.