CazaderoThere are numerous reasons why you should have your automobile transported to a new location. This might be because you sold it to someone else in the nation, you recently purchased a vehicle elsewhere, or you simply don’t want to add anymore miles onto the car. Auto transport services can be used by anyone. In fact,  some of the most frequent users are car collectors, dealerships, those changing residences, and military personnel. All of these people understand just how much auto transport services can help.


Auto transport services out of Cazadero are usually reasonably priced and can actually save you the money it would cost to drive the vehicle to its new home. Nevertheless, this only applies to those who make sure they are going through a reputable company for their car shipping services. There are many ways to tell if an auto transport company is legit so that you don’t get scammed.


Characteristics of a Professional Auto Shipping Company


  • They are approved by the Department of Transport (DOT).
  • They carry insurance coverage, as they are required.
  • They only require a small down payment, if any at all.
  • They offer discounts, sales and promotions.
  • They have a website with contact information and other helpful data.
  • Their reviews and ratings from previous customers are all positive.


If you search the Internet for local auto transport companies, find the ones with services that interest you. Narrow down your options until you have a short list of the ones that uphold the best reputations and services. Then, begin calling around to ask questions. This is when you can ask the company about their history in the industry and whether or not they are DOT approved. You can also gather quotes at this time. It is suggested that you begin calling around at least a few weeks prior to when you need the vehicle to be shipped off.