Circle Oaks

Circle OaksBeing from the Bay Area makes it much easier to find auto transport services. Even a smaller community such as Circle Oaks, can benefit from auto transport. You can even find companies that will come directly to your door to pick the vehicle up. Professionals can safely get your automobile to wherever it needs to go. To assure that they are protected, they offer insurance coverage.


Insurance Coverage through Auto Transport Companies


The insurance coverage offered through auto transport companies will cover any damages that occurred during the time the vehicle was in the hands of their employees. Of course, the employees who handle the vehicles are trained professionals and an accident rarely occurs. Nevertheless, it is nice to have that extra protection.


When your vehicle is in the care of the auto transport company, your insurance coverage on the vehicle is invalid. This is why it is imperative for the transport services to come with coverage. If something were to happen while the vehicle was en route, it could lead to very high out of pocket expenses if insurance coverage weren’t offered.


It is recommended that you write down and take pictures of any damages the vehicle might already suffer from. This should be done while you prepare the vehicle for its transport. Then, when the vehicle arrives at the new location, give it a look over and compare the vehicle with your pictures and notes. You will also want to take the vehicle in for normal maintenance. If the technicians notice anything wrong, ask them if it could have been caused by the auto transport.


When you need to file a claim, either tell the driver if your still with him or contact the auto transport company. The driver will fill out a report and have you sign it. You may then file a claim. The insurance coverage will pay for any repairs.