Living in Clayton brings about many opportunities for those who may need auto transport services more often than others. There is no other way to get a vehicle from one place to another without having to add on unnecessary mileage and even possibly causing it harm while on the road. Auto transport is usually quick, safe and inexpensive depending on whom you go through.


Ways to Save on Auto Transport

Auto transport doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of the services offered through auto transport companies are optional. For instance, open air shipping is the most cost effective method of transport. Not only is it the most popular option, but it is safe and reliable.

If you have your vehicle dropped off and picked up, this will also help you to save money. This is especially true if you go with terminal to terminal services, rather than door to door. Nevertheless, some terminals might be a good distance away from the location of the vehicle’s destination. Make sure you have transportation arranged for the specified dates of delivery.

Insurance might be an up charge at first, but if something were to occur to the automobile during its transport, it could save you a lot of money. As professional and experienced as most auto transport companies are, that doesn’t mean that an accident won’t occur on the road due to another person’s negligence. If something happens to your vehicle during the time it is in the company’s care, it will be covered by their insurance.

Clean out the vehicle and free it from any additional weight. Take out anything that didn’t come with the car. Any DVD players, GPS systems or other features that you had added should be removed before transport. The fuel tank should also be no more than a quarter of a tank full. Fuel can add a lot of extra weight which can raise the costs of transport.