Auto transport is a great way to get any type of automobile from one location to the next without driving it there. Some vehicles aren’t meant to be on the road often, especially for long trips. Of course, some vehicles just need to reach their destination in the pristine condition in which they are promised. Whatever the case, a reliable auto transport company out of the Cloverdale area can help you with the situation for a relatively low cost.

Having a vehicle shipped elsewhere can be done quickly and securely. Any auto transport company with a great reputation and the approval through the Department of Transport will have the necessary tools and equipment to get your vehicle where it needs to go. Open air shipping practices are the most widely used method as well as the least expensive.


Discounts and Special Rates

Many auto transport companies will offer discounts and special rates. These are all circumstantial, but it is always wise to inquire. For example, if you own a car dealership that needs a steady auto transport company to always help them with their relocation needs, then the company might be capable of offering special rates.

Some specials and discounts are only seasonal, but it never hurts to ask customer service while you are on the phone with them. The overall cost of transport is usually determined by the weight of the vehicle as well as the distance in which it will be en route. Military personnel, seniors and students are often times able to benefit from discounts too. Some companies even offer lower rates during the winter months since auto transport isn’t as prevalent in the colder weather seasons.

First time auto transport users might also qualify for a discount. Just ask the company about their discount programs and seasonal specials. There will more than likely be some discounts that you are applicable for.