The City of Colma is no stranger to those in need of auto transport services. In fact, there are many transport companies in the Bay area. The trick is to find one that you can rely on and that you trust with your vehicle or vehicles.

Finding a reliable auto transport company is rather simple. By going online and checking the company’s website, you will get a better feel for their professionalism. You will also get to read testimonials, reviews and ratings left by previous customers. A trustworthy company will also be approved through the Department of Transport.


Types of Vehicles that Can Be Transported

• Classic or vintage automobiles
• Trucks and SUVs
• Exotic or luxury vehicles
• Motorcycles and sports bikes
• Military vehicles
• Sports and muscle cars
• ATVs
• Race cars
• Commercial vehicles

Nearly any type of vehicle can benefit from auto transport services. Simply inquire with the auto transport company on their restrictions. Luckily, if they have the equipment to transport everyday vehicles, they can usually transport just about anything.


Shipping Multiple Vehicles

Having multiple vehicles relocated is actually quite easy as well. Most auto transport companies are accustomed to receiving such large requests, especially from dealerships in the Bay area. Just explain the situation to the customer service and they will help assist you with all of the details. Many people who have multiple automobiles transported or who use the company’s services often can qualify for discounts too. Make sure to inquire about all that is made available to you.

It is always best to have insurance on the vehicles during their transport. Regrettably, regular car insurance will not cover damages that occurred during the relocation process. Therefore, it is important that for the vehicles’ safety, there is insurance coverage. Even the most reputable drivers may come across an incident due to another’s fault where a vehicle they are transporting suffers from harm. The company’s policy will cover these damages as long as you pay for the insurance coverage.