The process of transporting an automobile without driving it to the location in which it is needed is easier than one might anticipate. When you hire an unfailing auto transport company out of Concord, you will certainly get the job done quickly and safely. Opt in for any services or features that will help protect the vehicle and make sure that it gets to its destination by the time it is expected to arrive. The professionals will take great care of the automobile in the meantime.


Step by Step Process of Auto Transport

There are strategic planning skills that the company uses in order to efficiently and thoroughly conduct a job without accidents. By having this process, the company can promptly and safely get your vehicle from one address to the next, regardless of the distance.

Step One

Plan ahead and schedule your automobile’s transport as soon as you are aware that it needs to be done. Try to give the auto transport company at least a month’s notice if you can. Make sure that the company you hire for the job upholds a positive reputation and is approved by the Department of Transport.

Step Two

Clean out the vehicle and prep it for its travels. Leave only the factory features in the car and leave the fuel less than a quarter of a tank full. The less weight in the vehicle, the easier it will be transported.

Step Three

Mark down any damages already done to the vehicle. Write down and take pictures of scratches, dents and other markings.

Step Four

Deliver the vehicle to the terminal requested or have it ready for its pickup. Hand the keys over to the driver and present them with the Bill of Lading or any other documents necessary. Gather the driver’s contact information and see when and where it will arrive at the next location.

Step Five

After delivery has been made, make sure you or another responsible party is there to pick it up. This must be confirmed with the auto transport company. It could lead to additional costs if the plans originally made were changed. Inspect the vehicle for any harm that wasn’t already present. If you spot anything, have the driver fill out a report in which you will sign. This will then make it possible for you to file an insurance claim.