Transporting an auto to where it needs to go without adding mileage and normal wear onto the vehicle can be done with the help of a professional auto transport company. Luckily, Cotati has some wonderful options when it comes to auto transport. Depending on the type of vehicle or how many vehicles you are having shipped elsewhere, there are different services you may want to inquire about.


Types of Auto Transport Services


• Door to door
• Terminal to terminal
• Expedited shipping
• Guaranteed delivery
• Open air shipping
• Insurance coverage

The services you choose to go with are up to you, but some may not suit your situation and if you are unsure of what might be best, consult with customer service. They will be more than happy to assist you with your auto transport. The customer service should always be helpful and informative.


High Priority Services

If you need to put your vehicle at the top of the company’s list, inquire about the high priority services that the auto transport company offers to customers. One of the services will likely be expedited transport. This includes a quicker shipping process. If you need the vehicle delivered on a precise date, ask the company about guaranteed delivery.


Get the Car Ready for Transport

When you are ready to drop your vehicle off or have it picked up, make sure that you have the vehicle cleaned out completely. Nothing should be in the car, not even in the trunk. Only the items that originally came in the vehicle should be present. Leaving the gas tank no more than a quarter of a tank full also helps keep the weight down which is crucial for a safe transport.

Make sure that you have the keys ready to hand over to the driver. You should also have the Bill of Lading. Ask the driver for their contact information and see when they think the vehicle will arrive at the next destination.