Auto transport in Cupertino is simple to find when you have a safe and reliable auto transport company nearby. Bay Area Auto Transport is one of the top rated auto transport services in the Bay area. They will get your vehicle wherever it needs to go within the nation. With their state of the art equipment, they will secure your vehicle to the open air shipping truck and safely get it to its destination as quickly as they can.


What Is Door to Door Service?

Door to door services are a popular option that many customers take advantage of. It is a bit costlier than terminal to terminal shipping, but might be worth it to you if you are not near any terminals. Door to door services are a convenient service and it takes less time away from your daily routine.

Benefits of Door to Door Services


• You’ll save a tremendous amount of time. The company will come to you for the vehicle.
• You won’t have to get the automobile to the terminal for its transport, nor will you have to pick it up.
• No miles or harmful road conditions will damage the car on its way to the drop off point.
• There will only be one driver from start to finish. The automobile won’t be handled by multiple people.
• You can take advantage of the satellite tracking features offered through the company from the moment the vehicle leaves the property.
• You will be able to watch the vehicle as it is being secured onto the open air shipping truck. This will also allow you to interact with the driver and get his contact information.

There is no doubt about it; door to door services are quite beneficial. This especially true for those with a busy schedule, which is why many dealerships as well as private vehicle owners like to take advantage of this type of service.