Auto transport services can be found all over the nation. Each and every company has their own set of services and features that they are able to offer their customers. Nevertheless, finding a trustworthy company that you can depend on for your auto transport needs is quite simple when you live near Dixon.

There are certain characteristics that a reliable auto transport company will show. It is important that you pay attention to the characteristics of the companies in the area as you are researching them. You should feel comfortable and at ease with the transporting process.


Characteristics of a Dependable Auto Transport Company


• Approved through the Department of Transport
• Positive reviews and ratings on the Internet
• They have a well designed website
• They offer a variety of different services
• The company has been around for many years or has a long history in the auto transport industry
• The customer service is friendly, helpful and professional
• They have the right equipment and the employees are well trained
• They offer insurance coverage


What Should I Ask the Company?


• Do you offer binding quotes?
• What fees are associated in the quote?
• What services do you offer?
• Can I specify the delivery dates?
• Do I qualify for any discounts?
• What types of coverage do you offer to protect the automobile?
• Are you approved through the Department of Transport?
• How long has your company been involved in the auto transport industry?

Services to Consider

There are some services that are completely optional. One of these options is whether or not you want expedited shipping. Expedited shipping puts your vehicle at the top of the list, assuring that it gets there in a much more time efficient manner. Guaranteed delivery is similar and it assures that your vehicle will arrive on a specific date.