East Palo Alto

001Living in East Palo Alto makes it easy to take advantage of auto transport services. Dealerships, private vehicle owners, and anyone else who may need auto transport services can easily find a reliable auto transport company to relocate their vehicle or vehicles. Take the time to find a company you have faith in to move your automobile safely.

When you are beginning your hunt for an auto transport company, keep some things in mind. You don’t want to hire just anyone for the job. That could put your vehicle at risk. Find a company with the following attributes:


• Insurance coverage
• Approval through the Department of Transport
• A variety of services
• State of the art equipment
• Trained employees
• Years in the industry
• A good reputation

If you search for a company that has all of the right characteristics you will have a much smoother transport and a more positive experience. In order to learn more about the company check out their website, look them up in the search engines, and ask them questions when you are on the phone with them.


Questions to Ask the Transport Companies


1. Do you have insurance coverage for my vehicle?
2. What services do you offer?
3. Are you approved by the Department of Transport?
4. Can I have personal items in my vehicle during transport?
5. How long will the transport take?
6. Are your employees trained?
7. How long has your business been around or a part of the transport industry?
8. What fees are included in my quote?
9. Do you offer any discounts that I might apply for?

Don’t be scared to ask questions. Good customer service is important for any business. They should be happy to answer your questions and to give you information about their company and services. Some of this information you can probably find out online. Nevertheless, asking customer service is usually the best way to become informed.