003Auto transport services are offered nearly anywhere in the nation. Luckily, when you are living in Emeryville, you will have more options than many. With all of the reputable auto transport companies on the West Coast, you will definitely find one that can safely get your vehicle where you need it to go.

Prior to an auto transport, there are ways you will need to prepare the automobile for transport. It should be cleaned and emptied out. The alarm will need to be disabled and you will need to make sure there is no more than a quarter of a tank full. Any extra weight should be relieved from the vehicle or it will make the transport more difficult. With all of this being said, there are things that you should do for the vehicle after it is shipped as well.


How to Care for the Vehicle after Transport

After your vehicle has gone through the shipping process, there are some things that you should do to make sure the vehicle is in good condition and in the same form it was when you released it into the care of the auto transport company. If the vehicle is going to a new owner, inform them of the things they should address when the automobile arrives.


• Check the vehicle for damage. This is easier if you took the time to inspect the vehicle before it left too. Many people take pictures or write down damages that the vehicle already had before it was transported.
• Take the vehicle in for a tune up. If the mechanics notice any damages, ask them if they believe they could have been caused during the transport.
• Fill up the fuel tank again and all other fluids.
• Register the vehicle to its new location. Even get a new license with your new address.