004Shipping your automobile to a new location can be done with the aid of a steadfast auto transport company out of Fairfax. In the Bay area, there are many auto transport companies to choose from. Find one willing to work with you to find the services you need and capable of providing you with insurance coverage. Usually the most legitimate auto transport companies will be approved through the Department of Transport.

Whether you are a major dealership with multiple vehicles to relocate or a private vehicle owner that needs a transport, an auto transport company will be happy to accept your business. Using the latest technology and state of the art equipment designed for the auto transport industry, they will get your automobile to its final home safe and sound.


How Long Will It Take to Ship the Vehicle?

Every vehicle is shipped at some point throughout its existence, even if it is immediately after it is manufactured. The length of time that it takes to have the automobile shipped is dependent on several factors. It is difficult for an auto transport company to determine the length of time, but it can be assumed that a nationwide trip from one coast to the next could take up to two weeks from the time the vehicle or vehicles are picked up.

Weather, alternative routes, construction and other obstacles may make the trip longer than expected. Delays should always be anticipated. Nevertheless, the auto transport company will give you an estimated timeframe and even have the driver contact you right before or when the drop off has been made, depending if you arranged for door to door services or terminal to terminal services.

It is important that you are the person responsible for the pick up or drop off is present when necessary. Some companies will charge dry run fees. If it isn’t you whom is either picking up or dropping off the vehicle, the transport company will need to be informed and the other responsible party will need certain documentation such as their ID and other specified information.