005Getting a vehicle from one location to the next without racking up the mileage and causing it normal wear and tear from the road can only be established through auto transport services. In Fairfield, there are many wonderful and reliable auto transport companies. Bay Area Auto Transport Company is at the top of that list. They offer affordable and secure transport services for whoever may need to relocate a vehicle or vehicles.


Services Offered by Auto Transport Companies

The services offered for auto transport vary from company to company. Nevertheless, some services are more common than others and this is because they are more frequently used. It is best to consult with the customer service at the company to see what is best for you and your vehicle.


• Door to Door Delivery
• Terminal to Terminal Services
• Open Air Shipping
• Enclosed Shipping
• Expedited Delivery
• Guaranteed Delivery

No matter who you decide to go through for auto transport, there are certain things you should expect. For example:

• Courteous and helpful customer service
• No strings attached quotes
• Insurance coverage
• No upfront deposit necessary
• Licensed business or approval through the Department of Transport
• Trustworthy and dependable service
• Trained and experienced drivers and employees
• Discounts, specials and sales

All of the above can usually be found offered. In actuality, if an auto transport company doesn’t portray these characteristics or uphold a positive reputation, they probably aren’t worth your business. You want to be certain that your vehicle or vehicles are in good hands or you may end up with a damaged vehicle.

In order to assure the safety of the vehicle, create a list of all damages already existing on the vehicle such as dents or scratches, even taking pictures of the areas if you are able to. Then, when the vehicle is dropped off, check it over for any new damages. If you notice anything, inform the driver and they will write up a report and have you sign it. You can then file an insurance claim through the transport company’s insurance.