010Luckily, auto transport services out of Hercules are available all over the Bay Area. It is important that you pay close attention to which company you hire to handle your vehicle for a transport. There are shady companies out there who will take your money and not give a care in the world as to what condition the vehicle ends up in during the transport. There are ways to tell the shady auto transport companies from the more reputable ones.


Characteristics of a Shady Auto Transport Company


• They aren’t approved by the Department of Transport
• They do not have the proper licensing or certifications
• They ask for a large down payment (most companies will not ask for any)
• They do not offer insurance coverage
• They don’t have the right equipment
• Their employees and drivers are not trained
• They don’t have a website
• They do not uphold positive reviews and ratings online
• They lack in the diversity of services that they offer
• Their customer service is rude and uninformative

Never allow yourself to become a victim of a scam artist. There are too many amazing and reputable auto transport companies out there to take advantage of. Call around, do online research, ask friends, and do whatever you have to do before you hastily hire someone for the job. Finding one that upholds a great reputation and still offers affordable prices is very possible. In fact, many of the reliable auto transport companies will offer specials, discounts and sales on a regular basis.

When you are calling around to gather quotes and estimates, don’t be scared to ask questions. The customer service should sound as though they want your business and therefore, they will be happy to assist you. Ask them about the company’s licensing and DOT approval. Inquire about insurance coverage and services. Really get a feel for what the company has to offer before jumping on board with them for your automobile’s transport.