Los Altos Hills

013Even in a smaller town such as Los Altos Hills, there are plenty of auto transport companies in and around the area to consider when you need to have a vehicle relocated. You may be wondering why you would need a vehicle relocated when you can simply drive it to its new location. Transporting the vehicle will keep it in the pristine condition it is in and prevent the vehicle from accruing extra mileage.


People That Take Advantage of Auto Transport Services


• Automobile dealerships
• Private vehicle owners
• Military personnel
• Buyers and sellers
• Classic car collectors
• Race car drivers
• Those who are relocating

In all actuality, auto transport can be used for absolutely any reason. People all over the world use these types of services frequently because it is the safest way to get a vehicle from one point to the next without causing it any harm.


Information and Advice about Auto Transport


• Schedule an auto transport at least two weeks before you would like to have it en route
• Take out all personal items from the vehicle and make sure that the tank is less than a quarter of a tank full
• Ask about discounts, specials and sales
• Make sure the vehicle is covered by the company’s insurance
• Ask about expedited or guaranteed shipping services if you are in a hurry
• Ask where the vehicle will be dropped off at and where it will need to be picked up at if you didn’t choose door to door services
• Get the driver’s contact information
• Ask the company if they have tracking services
• Write down and take pictures of any damages already existing on the vehicle before its transport
• When you receive your quote, find out what all of the fees are for
• See what services are offered through the prospective company and determine which ones are right for you