021Utilizing a professional automotive shipping company is a convenient way to ensure that your vehicle arrives to its destination safely and without acquiring unwanted mileage. There are a few different transportation methods available all of which are left up to the customer to best suit their vehicle. No matter what kind of car you plan on transporting, a professional automotive shipping company in Millbrae will have the shipping solution to meet your needs.


Money Saving Tips

• Receive quotes from more than just one automotive shipping company.
• Transport your vehicle on an open carrier. Enclosed trailers will give your car more protection against the elements and from debris on the open road, but it’s typically a more expensive shipping alternative.
• Book a ship date as early as possible. If you have to transport a vehicle on short notice, s shipping company might be able to be of service, but it you will more than likely be charged a higher fee.
• Make sure to use terminal to terminal shipping. This transportation method will require you to drop off and pick your vehicle up at a specific location, but it is more cost effective than door to door shipping.
Preparing a Car for Transportation
• Top off all fluids and leave gas tank about a quarter of the way full.
• Check tire pressure and make sure that the battery has a full charge.
• Document any cosmetic damage with pictures and video.
• If your vehicle has any leaks, make sure to inform your shipping company so that they can secure it in a location where it won’t damage other vehicles.


Finding the Right Shipping Service

When you contact an automobile shipping company, listen to how they conduct themselves over the phone. If the representative that you are speaking with doesn’t seem to be knowledgeable or if they have a poor attitude, move on to the next company. Before making a deal, make sure to check out the company’s website and read customer reviews.