Morgan Hill

021There are many reasons to hire a Morgan Hill transport company that will get your automobile from one location to the next without it having to be personally driven there. Driving a vehicle where it needs to go will put it in harm’s way and if you need it to arrive in its current condition, auto transport services may be necessary. The company you hire will be capable of providing the utmost professional services without causing any harm to the vehicle while it’s in their care. If damages do happen for some reason, the vehicle is protected under the auto transport company’s insurance.


How Do Car Haulers Operate?

An open air car hauler usually accommodates for 10-12 automobiles at a time. Open air happens to be the most efficient and least expensive method of transport. Car dealerships are some of the most habitual users of open air services. Plus, being a car dealership and transporting several vehicles at once will usually qualify you for a discount.

Depending on the type of vehicle you are having transported, the driver will secure it to the hauler strategically. They are properly trained to handle all types of vehicles and will know exactly what they must do. Customized vehicles present more of an issue, but they will be able to accommodate for these as well. Considering the circumstances, you may be charged a bit more.

Readying an Automobile for Transit

• Clean the vehicle out and remove any unnecessary items. Only leave in the items that came with the vehicle initially.
• Take photographs of all existing damages before you release the automobile into the hands of the auto transport company. This will assist you when you are inspecting the vehicle for further damages that might have accrued during the relocation process.
• Leave only a quarter tank of fuel in the vehicle or less. The excess fuel will weigh the vehicle down even more.
• Hand the keys over to the driver when they come to pick it up or when you drop it off. At this point, get the driver’s contact information too.