025In order to get an automobile from one location to the next especially for a farther distance, will require the assistance of an auto transport company. Novato has many auto transport companies within its vicinity and all of them offer a range of different services. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you hire a transport company with a great reputation and a willingness to get the vehicle safely to its next location.


Finding the Right Company

Without any hesitation, begin looking up auto transport companies at least three weeks in advance to when you would like the vehicle picked up. It is understandable that not everyone will know that quickly, but when you are able, advanced notice is preferred. Look online and find the companies within the area. Then, consider which ones have the right services and characteristics of a reputable transport business.

It is suggested that you hire an auto transport company at least two weeks in advance to when you need it to be en route. This gives everyone time to prepare. Decide on the services you need and the company will then see you on the date scheduled.


What Is Needed from You

When you have an automobile planned for transport, you will need certain documents and other pertinent information in order for the transport to be conducted.


• License or picture I.D.
• Title and registration
• The vehicle’s keys
• Payment must be made

Not only must you have the proper documentation, but there are other matters that will need to be addressed. For instance, the vehicle must be empty. There mustn’t be anything in the vehicle that wasn’t in there from the manufacturer. The fuel should only read a quarter of a tank or less, as well. This will help keep the vehicle from weighing too much which can greatly affect the transport.