026Having to transport an auto from Oakland to another location can be done easily with the right auto transport company. By knowing what to look for and what qualifies a transport company as dependable and professional, you will find a company fit for the job.


Qualities of a Reliable Auto Transport Company

• Proper licensing and approvals
• Insurance coverage
• A variety of services to choose from
• The latest, state of the art equipment
• A well put together website
• Positive reviews and ratings
• Low down payments, if any at all

Never go with a company that asks for a large down payment or that isn’t approved through the Department of Transport. There are scam artists out there that will try anything they can just to get your money. Make sure that after you have narrowed your results down to a few selected transport companies, that you call each one and ask questions.


How Does the Auto Transport Process Work?

After scheduling the date for the vehicle to be picked up or dropped off to begin its expedition to its new home, start preparing the vehicle. Remove all unnecessary items and clean out the vehicle. The key is to keep the weight of the automobile down as much as possible. This is why the transport company also asks that the gas tank be no more than a quarter of a tank full.

When your car is prepared and the day arrives for it to take off, make sure that you give the keys to the driver. Also, you should have created a list of all existing damages such as scratches and dents. You can use that as a reference when you inspect the vehicle again after its journey. Gather the driver’s contact information, just in case you must get a hold of them while they’re en route. The driver will then give you an estimate of how long it will take them to reach the next destination where you must meet them or have a specified party meet them for the pickup.