032When auto transport services are something that you need in order to securely relocate a vehicle without causing it any harm, auto transport companies are the ticket. There are many different transport companies around Pinole and the key is to find one with a great reputation and all of the proper state licensing and approvals. This is easier than you might believe it to be.


How the Internet Can Help

By scouring the Internet for local auto transport companies in the Bay Area, you will find a list of companies to consider. Find the ones that offer the right services. Check out their websites and the reviews and ratings left by previous customers. Then, after you have finally narrowed the results down to a selected few, start making phone calls.

As you are calling around, there are some questions you should ask.


• Do you carry insurance coverage? (By law, auto transport companies must have coverage)
• Are you approved by the Department of Transport and do you have all of the proper state licensing?
• What types of services do you offer?
• How long will the trip take?
• Are your employees trained and using the proper equipment?
• Do you offer any discounts or have any specials running?
• Do you have non-binding quotes and what will I be charged for?

By asking questions, you will be able to get a better feel for the company and their willingness to help you. When the customer service seems irritated or unwilling to answer your questions, they must not want your business bad enough. You need to feel comfortable with your decision prior to shipping the vehicle off with just anyone.

Make sure the transport company offers insurance through them. Not only is this mandatory for auto transport companies, but normal insurance policies on the vehicle will not be valid at the time the vehicle is being transported.