033Auto transport services in Pittsburg are simple to find. There are an abundance of them and all of them offer different services and features. Depending on your vehicle, you may need specific services that only some companies are able to provide you with. Nevertheless, there are some transport companies that offer a whole bunch of services so that they can address the needs of everyone.

Perhaps the most common users of auto transport services consist of automobile dealerships. Dealerships often have to ship vehicles to other locations and dealerships. At some point in time, all vehicles are transported. There is no way around it. In order to get a vehicle or multiple vehicles relocated without adding on mileage or causing it any harm on the road, auto transport services are necessary.


The ABC’s of Auto Transport

After scheduling an auto transport, start preparing the vehicle for it. Clean the automobile out and get it together for the shipping process. This means, that you must take out anything that didn’t come with the vehicle after it was manufactured. The transport cannot go on if the vehicle weighs too much. This will jeopardize the process. Not to mention, it will make it harder for the driver to secure the vehicle to the car hauler. The fuel will also need to be kept under a quarter of a tank.

On the day of the scheduled transport, hand the keys and whatever other documents are needed over to the driver. Collect the driver’s contact information and make sure you have tracking services if the company offers them. Give the vehicle a once over for any existing damages before it hits the road.

When the vehicle arrives at the next location, the driver will make sure you are aware. Inspect the vehicle and if you happen to take notice to any damages such as scratches or dents, inform the driver. They will fill out one of their reports and have you sign it. You can then file a claim with the auto transport company’s insurance.