Portola Valley

Portola ValleyAuto transport companies situate throughout the Bay Area, so if you are located in Portola Valley you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right services. Look for a reputable transport company that can offer you a great deal and the services you desire for your automobile’s transport. Try to book a date with the company at least two weeks in advance.

As you are looking around for a transport company, consider all of the services you see offered. The best way to do this is online. Even though each company offers their own services, you may notice that many of them offer similar services such as enclosed or open air transport. Door to door and terminal to terminal are also popular options that you must choose between.


Get Your Vehicle Ready to Go

As the date of transport nears, begin cleaning out your vehicle and preparing it for takeoff. Don’t leave any items in the automobile unless they came as part of the car. The car hauler doesn’t need the extra weight. The fuel tank should also read anywhere under a ¼ of a tank.
Make sure that you have an extra set of keys prepared for the driver. They will need them when you drop the vehicle off or they come to pick it up. You must also make sure that the alarm is disconnected if there is one.


How the Transport Works

After the driver picks the vehicle up and secures it to the car hauler or inside of the enclosed container, they will set out towards the next location. Make sure to get their contact information in case you need to get a hold of them as they are en route. You can also refer to the tracking services to see where the driver is at with your vehicle during the process.

As the driver makes their way, they will avoid bad weather, poor road conditions, and construction whenever they can. When they get nearer to the drop off point, they will give you a call to let you know when the car is expected to arrive. You must pick the vehicle up right away or have a responsible party do so. If it won’t be you coming to get the car, make sure you inform the auto transport company.