Red Wood City

Red Wood CityThere are few stressors in life that compare to transporting your vehicle, but when you hire the right automobile transportation company for the job, your stress levels will decrease significantly. By hiring a professional transportation company in Red Wood City, you will save your vehicle from unwanted mileage, wear and tear and save some cash. An automobile shipping company can also provide their customers with insurance whereas without one, losses or damages cannot be financially replaced.


Consider Purchasing Insurance

Once you contact an automobile transportation company, make sure to ask about what insurance they have available. Since the law requires transportation companies to obtain a valid insurance certificate, make sure they can present it before signing a contract with them. In most cases, if damages occur to the inside of the vehicle, the shipping company will not be required to reimburse the owner.

To avoid damages from occurring to the interior of your vehicle, make sure to remove all personal items. If items are left inside of the vehicle and they get damaged, the shipping company is also not required to reimburse the owner for damages. Your car insurance provider might cover your vehicle for transportation, but make sure to contact them and ask before jumping to this conclusion.


Where to File a Complaint

If your vehicle is damaged or you are unsatisfied with the service the shipping company provided, you can file a complaint in one of two places. If your vehicle was transported locally, you can contact your local Better Business Bureau office. damages that occur to vehicle which were transported over state lines will need to be reported to U.S. Department of Transportation.


Methods Used to Transport Vehicles


• Open Air Transportation
• Enclosed Transportation
• Terminal to Terminal Transportation
• Door to Door Transportation

Always Inspect Your Vehicle Prior to Transportation

Before your vehicle goes into the possession of the shipping company, you will want to be sure that you made note of your automobiles condition. The best way you can obtain this information is by washing your vehicle before taking photos or video. Make sure to inspect the vehicle under sufficient lighting. Usually, documenting the condition of your vehicle is best during the day time.