Rio Nido

Rio NidoTrying to transport an automobile afar can be quite trying, especially if you try to drive the vehicle to its new home. Not only will this add up the mileage and put the vehicle at risk of harm, but you will end up spending more on repairs, maintenance, fuel and other expenses while on the road than you would if you hired a professional auto transport service around the Rio Nido area. The Bay Area has many auto transport companies just waiting to serve you.


What Types of Services are Offered?


As you may notice, a lot of the auto transport companies offer their services in categories. These categories might range from standard services to priority services. This is to be decided on by you, but the customer service representatives at the company should be more than capable of helping you come to a decision.


  • Open Air Transport
  • Enclosed Transport
  • Scheduled Pickup and Delivery
  • Expedited Services
  • Guaranteed Transit
  • Door to Door Services
  • Terminal to Terminal Services


The most frequently used method of auto transport is the open air shipping method. This may not completely protect the vehicle against the elements, but it is a safe and reliable way of transport. Considering that the company trains their drivers to avoid poor weather and road conditions, the transport is usually a very safe way to ship an automobile. The transport company must also carry insurance for their clients. This will cover any damages or losses should they happen anyway.


Door to door and terminal to terminal services are almost complete opposites of one another. Door to door is the most convenient although it will cost a little bit more. However, many find it to be worth the extra costs. Door to door is when the driver of the car hauler comes to pick the vehicle up directly from wherever it is located. It will then drop the car off at the next address it is to go to.


If you decide to go with terminal to terminal, you will need to drop the vehicle off wherever specified by the auto transport company. The vehicle will also need to be retrieved from another terminal. These terminals aren’t always close by and you will need to arrange for a ride after dropping the vehicle off at the first terminal.