RutherfordConducting an automobile transport on your own without actually driving the vehicle can be more stressful and expensive than it would be if you were to hire a professional auto transport company. transport companies are used to conducting such transports on an everyday basis. They travel near and far hauling vehicles all over the nation from one place to the next. This is the safest and most effective method of relocating a vehicle that is not to be driven on the road.


Car dealerships near Rutherford often use these services so that they don’t rack up the miles on their brand new inventory. They even use auto transport for trading vehicles with other dealerships. Car collectors, military personnel, and those in the midst of a residential relocation also use these services frequently. Auto transport can be purchased by anyone. If you don’t wish to harm the vehicle before it reaches its final stop, letting professionals do it is the smartest decision.


4 Preparation Musts


  1. Clean the vehicle out and only leave the floor mats, car jack and spare tire.
  2. Disable the alarm system if there is one.
  3. Disable the vehicle’s battery.
  4. Leave 1/4 or less of a tank of gas in the vehicle.


These are the standard preparation requirements. Of course, this can change if there are other requirements that the auto transport company must add due to the kind of vehicle you are having shipped. It will also depend on the type of shipping method. If you are transporting your vehicle in an enclosed container, there may be other requirements as well.


When the vehicle is picked up or dropped off at a terminal for the beginning of its travels, you will need to hand an extra set of keys to the driver of the car hauler. They may also need other documentation from you such as your license. They will then head out after giving your their phone number to contact them during their journey, if you must.