San Carlos

San CarlosWhenever you are in need of an auto transport, you are in luck. Living in the San Carlos area makes finding an auto transport company to handle the process much easier. Then, you want have to put the car at risk on the road or rack up the mileage having to drive it there. The transport company will handle the entire process for you.

It is best to use auto transport services whenever a vehicle must arrive at a location in the condition it is currently in. Dealerships, collectors, sellers and buyers all use these services often. Those in the midst of relocation also use these services, as well as military personnel and students. No matter who you are what type of vehicle or vehicles you need relocated, there is an auto transport company that will happily take on the job.

Ask the Company about Discounts and Sales

Almost all auto transport companies will offer discounts, sales and specials. Some of them are seasonal while others are discounts offered to people with specific characteristics. For instance, military recruits and students can often qualify for discounts, as well as those transporting multiple vehicles at once.

Discounts, specials or sales can sometimes be found listed on the company’s website. Otherwise, make sure you inquire while you are on the phone with customer service. They will let you know if you are eligible for any type of cut on the costs.


Making an Insurance Claim

Before you allow the automobile to be transported, take a few minutes to scope out the vehicle’s current condition. Jot down any damages you can see and take pictures. Use these notes as a refresher when you go to evaluate the vehicle after its transport.

If you see any damages that weren’t there prior to the relocation, the driver will examine the harm and then fill out a report. After signing the report, you can then file a claim with the auto transport company’s insurance. Any damages will be repaired as necessary and you won’t have to pay any out of pocket expenses.