San Rafael

San RafaelLocated in the Bay Area, San Rafael presents many different auto transport companies for anyone who needs to have a vehicle of any kind relocated. Auto transport services are a wonderful and sometimes necessary way of shipping a vehicle if you need it to remain its current condition. Luckily, auto transport can accommodate for nearly any type of vehicle.


Vehicles that Can Be Transported


• Antique and classic automobiles
• SUVs
• ATVs
• Sedans
• Vans
• Trucks
• Commercial vehicles
• Military vehicles
• Motorcycles
• Luxury or high-end automobiles
• Customized vehicles

The list can go on, but basically any type of vehicle is able to take advantage of a transport. Some vehicles may raise the cost a bit. For instance, customized vehicles that have been lowered or lifted might need special attention and security. Considering they are more difficult to handle during a transport, you may have to pay a small up charge.


Every Vehicle Is Transported at Some Point

Every single vehicle in the world is usually transported at some point during its existence. Usually the vehicle must make its way from the manufacturer to the dealership, which is the first transport a vehicle undergoes. Many dealerships also increase and decrease their inventory often which requires the use of auto transport services. Each open air car hauler can fit anywhere from 10 to 12 vehicles at a time, making it perfect for dealership use.

A lot of buyers, sellers and car collectors use auto transport services. Whenever there is a vehicle you want to buy, but it is far away and too timely to travel, have the vehicle transported to you. This will also assure that it comes in the condition it was promised in. This is why many sellers also take advantage of these services. They don’t want to send the vehicle off just to accumulate more miles and possible damage when they already made the sale.