San Ramon

San RamonIn order to get your automobile from one location to the next without causing it any damage or extra mileage, check into auto transport companies. These companies can ship your vehicle atop a hauler or inside a closed container so that you vehicle isn’t suffering from the long drive. These services offer a convenience that no one else can.

Being in San Ramon makes finding a Bay Area transport company simple. Just make sure that you don’t end up scammed by someone posing as an auto transport company. There are several things to be cautious of when you are conducting your search for someone to hire.


How Can I Tell a Legit Auto Transport Company from a Scam?

Considering that auto transport companies are nestled all over the Bay Area, you will want to make sure that you aren’t being scammed as you call around for quotes. There are several ways you can tell and one of them is through the company’s licensing and approvals. Most legit companies are approved through the Department of Transport and have all of the right state licensing.

All auto transport companies are required to have insurance coverage. This coverage will cover any damages done to your vehicle during the shipping process. Your normal insurance policy won’t cover any incidents that might happen during the transport process since the vehicle is not in your care.
If a company asks you for a large cash deposit, you may want to consider another company. Most dependable auto transport companies only ask for a very small percentage up front, while some don’t require a down payment at all. You may also want to inquire about the company’s discounts, specials and sales. Many of them will offer such price cuts to their customers for various reasons, some of the being specifically for students, military personnel and car dealerships.