Santa Clara

Santa ClaraTo get a vehicle across the nation without adding on miles, risking the vehicle’s exterior, or spending loads of cash during your travels, find a Santa Clara auto transport company. An auto transport company specializes in the shipping of all types of vehicles. Whether you drive a truck or a 76’ Chevelle Malibu, your automobile can be safe in the hands of experienced professionals.

Many people use auto transport services. In fact, even dealerships use these services often to get multiple vehicles from one of their establishments to the next. They are constantly exchanging inventory which is one reason why many auto transport companies will offer them discounts towards their shipping process.

What Types of Vehicles Can Be Shipped with Transport Services?

There are many kinds of automobiles and vehicles that can be shipped through auto transport. These services are designed to ship nearly any vehicle safely. Open air car haulers are usually the most common transport vehicles and they can hold anywhere from 10 to 12 vehicles at once during its travels. Enclosed shipping is a little more specific.


Vehicles Frequently Shipped

• ATVs
• SUVs, Jeeps and Trucks
• Classic, Antique and Vintage Automobiles
• Motorcycles
• Personal Automobiles
• Commercial Vehicles
• Military Vehicles
• Luxury or High End Automobiles
• Customized Vehicles


How Long Does the Shipping Process Take?

The shipping process for auto transports is usually very quick. For a trip across the nation, it might only take up to two weeks. Of course, this is adding in time for rest stops and other obstacles along the way, meaning that the automobile may make its way even sooner.

Transport drivers will pay close attention to weather and road conditions. They will try their best to avoid such situations which may make their length of travel slightly longer. Their main objective is t get the vehicle safely to its new home.