Santa Rosa

Santa RosaIn the beautiful West Coast City of Santa Rosa, you will find that there are many auto transport companies available. Some of them specialize in specific transports while others offer a wide range of different services to provide accommodation everyone’s needs. During your hunt for the most reliable company, you may notice that open air shipping is the most favorable service.


What Does Open Air Shipping Entail?

Open air shipping services are the most favorable not only because of their lower price tag, but because it is a safe and reliable method of vehicle transport for any vehicle or even multiple vehicles at once. A car hauler can secure many vehicles at one time which is why many dealerships usually go through with this service type.

Even though your vehicle is left open to the elements, it is very rare that any damage occurs during the process. The drivers are all trained to stay aware of the weather and road conditions while they are among their route to the next location. They will avoid any possible obstacles along the way.
If you do happen to notice any damages on the vehicle after its open air transport, inform the driver. The driver will fill out a report and have you sign it. They will return the report to their headquarters so that you are then able to file an insurance claim through the auto transport company’s insurance policy.


What Kinds of Services are Offered through Transport Companies?


• Enclosed Shipping
• Open Air Shipping
• Door to Door
• Terminal to Terminal
• Expedited Shipping
• Guaranteed Delivery
• Across Nation Transport
• Tracking Services

Many of these services can be found anywhere. Nevertheless, some of the auto transport companies prefer to specialize in specific services such as open air and door to door transport. Find a company that offers the services you need, but that also upholds a highly regarded reputation for being professional.