Shipping a Vintage Automobile

CARShipping vintage vehicles is very possible. There are many vintage car owners who often purchase new vintage collectibles, need their vehicle shipped to a car show in another state, or who trade their vehicles. For those who are often found trading, shipping and purchasing these classic automobiles, you can assure they are probably taking advantage of auto transport services.


Auto transport companies usually offer several different services. One of these includes enclosed shipping. This transport service is usually what vintage car owners use for their precious vehicles. It offers a little more added protection than that of open air shipping. The vehicle will need to be prepared as recommended by the auto transport company.


Typical Preparation for Enclosed Shipping


  • Leave fuel tank 1/4 full or less.
  • Empty everything out of the vehicle with the exception of the floor mats, car jack and a spare tire.
  • Take of any custom items and parts.
  • You may be asked to remove side mirrors.
  • Write down and take pictures of any damages already done to the vehicle before it is transported.
  • Disable the alarm if there is one.
  • Disable the battery.


Of course, the preparation needed will depend on the company you go through. Some may have different requirements than others. Nevertheless, when the preparation is complete and the day arrives for the vintage automobile’s transport, the driver of the enclosed container will secure the vehicle properly within its walls. These drivers have a lot of training and experience. They will make sure the vehicle is safe throughout its travels to its new home.





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