SonomaThose looking for auto transport in the Sonoma area are in luck. There are many great places to contact if you need to ship a vehicle somewhere else within the nation. Just find one that offers services you need for your auto transport process. Make sure you feel comfortable with the company you hire to transport your vehicle or vehicles.


Learn about Some of the More Popular Services

Not all auto transport companies offer the same services, but there are some services that are more popular than other sue to the frequency in which people select them. For example, open air transport is the least expensive and most efficient method of transport. Open air haulers can carry up to twelve vehicles at one time.

Enclosed shipping services are favorable by those with classic, high end, luxury, antique, or vintage vehicles. The vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed container. This protects it further from the elements while it’s on the road. This method is a little more expensive, but worth it to those who truly value their vehicle. These specific types of automobiles are usually difficult to repair once harmed and their value could depreciate.

Other services include terminal to terminal and door to door services. Door to door transport is when the company comes to retrieve the vehicle from wherever it is located. It is then dropped off at a specified address. Terminal to terminal will include dropping the vehicle off at a terminal for transport and picking it up from another terminal nearest to the final location.

Expedited delivery and guaranteed delivery services are also available. Expedited services include faster shipping processes, while guaranteed shipping includes a set pickup and drop off date. These special services will include an up charge. Take advantage of them if you are in a rush though. They can get the vehicle there quickly and unharmed.