St. Helena

St. HelenaBeing near major cities and in a region where car dealerships and car sales are prevalent makes it easier to find an auto transport company. Getting a vehicle out of St. Helena and to another location entirely can be done in less than two weeks depending on where you are having it sent. To get the automobile to the East Coast, two weeks is usually the appropriate amount of time it takes to travel the distance.

In order to assure the safety of your vehicle, make it a point to find a company with a positive reputation. All legitimate auto transport companies must hold insurance coverage for the vehicles while they are in their care. They should also have licensing and approval by the DOT. There are surefire ways of assuring the company is dependable.


What Type of Services Should I Get?

When you need an automobile or automobiles transported, there are a bunch of services to choose from. By becoming knowledgeable of the services and taking a few things into consideration, you can figure out what services are best for your circumstances. Customer service can also help you make a decision.

Most people choose to go with open air shipping. This is the cheapest method of transport and usually very safe. Dealerships often use this form of transport because it is best suited for multiple vehicles going to the same location. It is also a safe and reliable method that costs less than enclosed services.

Enclosed shipping is best for vintage, high end, luxury and antique automobiles. When a car is rare or valuable, most people don’t want to send it off on a car hauler left open to the elements. While open air shipping is considered very safe, if the vehicle were to suffer any damage, the repairs are typically more costly. Even with the insurance coverage, any harm done to such a collectible can easily depreciate its value. Enclosed services will keep the vehicle safe from the possibilities.