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The Advantages of Enclosed Shipping

There are usually two main types of moving services. Open air shipping and enclosed transport are the most widely used services. While open air is economical and cheaper, it doesn’t give the vehicle the extra protection like enclosed shipping does. Nonetheless, enclosed shipping services are more favorable for vintage, high end and classic automobiles.   […]

Will Weather Affect My Transport?

Weather is frequently a concern when it comes to a safe auto transport. The company is always on top of the current weather conditions in the various locations in which their drivers must navigate through. Luckily, it is on rare occasion that weather ever affects a timely transport or causes damages to the vehicle.   […]

Auto Transport Insurance Coverage

When you purchase auto transport services, make sure the company offers insurance coverage. By law, auto transport companies must have insurance coverage to cover the vehicles that are in their care while they are en route. So, if you find that the auto transport company doesn’t offer insurance coverage, they may very well be a […]